Robin Smale, MSc

Robin Smale is PhD candidate at the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. He studied Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University, specializing in Environmental Policy with a minor in Development Sociology from Lund University. He has experience with practices research in Ukraine and is interested in both micro- and macro-sociology and social theory. Within the E-practices project, his ambition is to develop a dynamic theoretical model that will help us understand how energy practices change over time. He is particularly interested in household dynamics and matters of empowerment and control.

We need to apply our sociological imagination to ‘see’ what smart grids are and can be.
— Robin Smale

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Gert Spaargaren (Principle Investigator)

Gert Spaargaren is professor of "Environmental Policy for Sustainable Lifestyles and Consumption" in the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. His main research interests are in environmental sociology, sustainable consumption and behavior, and globalization of environmental reform. His role within the E-practices project is that of principle investigator and promotor of Robin.

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Dr. Ir. Bas van Vliet

Assistant Professor at Environmental Policy Group.  Environmental Sociologist. His PhD thesis (2002) “Greening the Grid” investigated the newly emerging relations between consumer and providers of water and electricity services in times of environmental renewal. Fields of expertise: socio-technical environmental change, social practices, with applications in sanitation, water, waste and energy infrastructures. His role within the E-practices project is daily supervision of PhD student Robin Smale and MSc thesis students, project coordination, and contributing to the project’s conference and journal papers.

We need a social scientific perspective to the smart grid to resolve uncertainties in future energy demand and supply.
— Bas van Vliet

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Dr. Sanneke Kloppenburg

Sanneke Kloppenburg's research interests converge around the use of new technologies in the context of energy systems, mobility, and border control. Sanneke has a background in International Development Studies (Wageningen University) and holds a PhD (2013) in Social Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. She joins the E-practices project as post-doc working at the Environmental Policy Group. Sanneke will work on the same topics as Nick and Robin, provide oversight, and take up a coordinating role in the organization of interactive stakeholder sessions.

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